Monday, January 9, 2017

Who is MTI

Who is MTI?  

MTI LogoMission Training International (MTI), a non-profit mission organization, that seeks to train and debrief cross-cultural messengers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In 2016 MTI has trained 1390 missionaries serving in 111 countries with 322 mission agencies.

What is DAR?

DAR stands for Debriefing and Renewal. The DAR ministry provides a safe, confidential environment in which missionaries from all over the world come to process the realities of their mission experience as well as the impact of those experiences on them and on their children.  We have designed our five-day programs to provide singles, couples and entire families a sense of release, renewal, and hope for the future so that God's people can experience personal vitality as they faithfully participate in God's mission to redeem all people.  In 2016 alone, the DAR ministry impacted 313 adults and 243 children serving with 129 mission agencies in 94 countries around the world!
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Answer to Prayer!

Thank you for joining me in seeking God’s guidance for direction of what to do after my internship at MTI finished. God in his goodness has answered our prayers for discernment of next ministry steps. Ready for some BIG NEWS? I have been offered and have accepted a position at Mission Training International as a trainer for children in the Debriefing and Renewal program (DAR). I will also participate in MTI’s COMPASS program, focusing on the pre-field training of missionary families as they prepare to go overseas.

While I will greatly miss my colleagues at Converge, I am delighted to be joining the MTI Team and taking on a new challenge. I remain deeply grateful to the Converge Japan Field, and Japan Baptist Rengo. The experience gained and knowledge acquired overseas will be foundational to future ministry debriefing missionary children and families. I am especially grateful to all of the individual and church ministry partners, who have supported me with prayers, words of encouragement, and financial support over the last decade.

By accepting this position I am resigning from Converge Worldwide and am joining Mission Training International full-time. Together we can impact the effectiveness, endurance, and personal vitality of missionary families around the globe. The position is as a missionary to missionaries and requires me to raise 100% of my funds, and to continue to develop a prayer team. Below I have included action steps available to you for joining me in this transition.

Serving with joy,
Lori Harms
Lori & Pike's Peak


Pray: I invite you to pray about joining me in the transition from Converge to MTI.  I welcome your phone calls, questions, and requests for more information.

Option A: Join me in switching to MTI.

Join the prayer team by replying to this email and letting me know that you will commit to praying regularly for me in ministry at MTI.

Give financially: There are multiple methods of giving . . .
  • Online: visit, click "Donate", mark "Lori Harms" for credit card, debit card, or e-check.
  • By Check: Make checks payable to: Mission Training International (or MTI), PO Box 1220, Palmer Lake, CO 80133 with a note that includes my name. 
  • Electronic funds transfer: request a form from me or call 1-800-896-3710 for a form. 
  • Over the phone by credit card call 1-800-896-3710
Option B: Transfer your support to a Japan teammate.  If you feel God is leading you to transition your ministry partnership to other missionaries in Japan, I can give you information of Converge teammates in Japan who are in educational ministry, church planting and leadership development. 

Please contact me as to what steps you will take. If you continue to give to Converge Donation ID: 136275  for my ministry - your donations will be returned to you, so that you can decide your next step of action.

Upcoming Events & Prayer Prompts

*Moving into a new apartment and meeting the neighbors

*Joining a community group at a local church

*Jan. 8-13, Debriefing and Renewal (DAR) Program - I will be a participant during this program to debrief my experience in Japan and seek renewal. As an MTI staff, I will learn a new perspective of the program as part of my training.

*Jan. 29-Feb. 3, DAR Program - I will begin my role as an MTI children’s trainer and parent coach during this program.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Local Internship with a Global Impact

QUESTION: What do Guatemala, Haiti, India, Iraq, Mali, South Sudan, and Thailand have in common?
ANSWER: Missionary Kids (MKs) from each of these countries have attended a debriefing program where I have been their teacher. 
Through my internship from August-December at Mission Training International (MTI) I’ve been part of a team which has ministered to 80 children, from families serving in 35 different countries. Cross-cultural missionaries from 53 different organizations have entrusted MTI with their debriefing during the last 4 months. Although located in Colorado, I’m having a global impact doing the ministry of developing and equipping cross-cultural messengers of the gospel for effectiveness, endurance and spiritual vitality.

Ministry in Japan
As a Converge Worldwide missionary in Japan from 1998-2000 and 2007-2016, I studied the Japanese language and worked to educate Japanese, international and missionary children in a private Christian school. Outside of the classroom I also had opportunities to mentor students, participate in a Japanese church and build relationships in my neighborhood. During my time in Japan I saw the impact that cross-cultural ministry had on missionary families and desired to learn more about how to care for missionary kids.
Time of Transition
In June 2015 I completed my educational ministry contract at Kansai Christian School.  During my home assignment, with the assistance of Converge Worldwide leadership, I pursued new opportunities in missionary kid care. Attending Missionary Kid Caregivers Consultation (MKCC) spring of 2016 introduced me to new opportunities in Asia, and around the world. Building on connections at MKCC and the pre-field training I had at Mission Training International in 2007, I pursued a fall internship at MTI in the area of missionary kid care. In July 2016 I returned to Japan for two weeks to pack my belongings and say good-byes to students, friends, and co-workers.
MTI Internship
Lori As a Converge missionary seconded to MTI for an internship August-December 2016, I am learning more about the needs of missionary kids in the orientation and debriefing process. Each month I have taught a new group of missionary kids (ages 4-12) who are transitioning from the mission field to North America, some are on home assignment/furlough, some are between assignments, some are returning permanently.  My primary role as a trainer is to provide a safe and understanding environment where MKs can process their story and connect with other MKs who have gone through similar situations. In October my role has expanded to include parent coaching, where I have the opportunity to meet with missionary parents as they debrief their experience as parents overseas and the impact on the hearts of family members.

During my internship I’ve found that working at MTI utilizes my spiritual gifts, reflects my passion for missionary kid care, utilizes my teaching abilities, allows my personality to show through and capitalizes on the experiences I’ve been given. I’m praying about how God would have me apply the learning and experience for future ministry. 
With your partnership during this internship, we are impacting the effectiveness, endurance, and personal vitality of missionary families around the globe.  Please continue to pray for this ministry and for me as I seek God’s guidance for next steps to take when this internship ends in December. 
Serving with joy,
Lori Harms
DAR CHIPs Trainers
MTI's Debriefing and Renewal Children's Intercultural Program trainers,
new friends who I've been blessed to work with for the last 3 months.

1. Pray for a moldable spirit in my MTI Internship, able to understand and apply the learning. 

2. Pray for the Debriefing and Renewal Team Nov. 6-11.  For connections among the staff, adults, and children, for a safe place to share their story and journey with God. 

3. Praise for my housing situation. Pray that I would be a blessing to my housemate

4. Pray for wisdom to discern God's vision for future ministry steps as the internship finishes in December. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ministry Update - October

Lessons I'm learning : 
1. Life in the states does not guarantee Internet access. But here I am posting a new blog post - with gratitude for the public library's free wifi. 
2. In Colorado the changing colors on the trees last longer than in Japan and the snow comes earlier.  And if you don't like the weather - wait 15 minutes.

Ministry Update:
August 15-December 15 I am interning at Mission Training International near Colorado Springs, CO.  I'm working with missionary families, and specifically missionary kids during their orientation and debriefing  process. MTI works together with mission boards, churches, and sending organizations to equip and develop cross-cultural messengers of the gospel through training and debriefing. During my internship I get to see how God works through trainers as they adapt cross-cultural learning for all age levels.  I'm learning more about how each individual family member's experience creates a family story and impacts the ministry. And how cross-cultural living impacts each family member in unique ways.  The internship has been a great fit and I'm excited to see how God uses this learning for my future. 

Prayer & Praises
1.Pray for a mold-able spirit as I enter a steep learning curve in my MTI Internship - learning how to prepare kids for the mission field and guiding them through transition during home assignment and relocation. 
2. Pray for the Debriefing and Renewal Team Nov. 6-11, and Dec. 4-9.  For connections among the staff, adults, and children, for a safe place to share their story and journey with God. 
3. Praise for my housing situation. Pray that I would be a blessing to my housemate. She is an energetic elderly Christian woman and is such a blessing to me.
4. Pray for wisdom to discern God's vision for future ministry steps as the internship finishes in December. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Prayer Update - March

1. Praise God for great visits with ministry partners in Illinois, Minnesota, and South Dakota over the last month. Continue to pray for mutually encouraging connections with ministry partners and for travel mercies through Midwestern states.
2. Pray for wisdom in regards to decisions for future ministry plans. 
3. Pray for Japan Field Council March 29-31. For understanding and unity on important  field discussions and decisions that will happen at that time. (As I'm on home assignment I will not be attending in person.)
4.  April 4-8, I will attend MK Consultation 2016 in Kansas City. Pray for ministry training on the topic of TCK Care, and God's guidance with conversations and networking at the conference. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Worldwide Week

Wooddale Worldwide Week! Looking forward to interacting with Wooddale and the many other Global Partners at this celebration of what God is doing globally! Saturday Wooddale hosted a breakfast and prayer time for all the Global Partners and the international and national missions ministries team. So stimulating to hear about how God has called us all to love him and serve others around the world in so many unique and excited ways.  Saturday afternoon there was a training session on stress management for the Global Partners. In the evening we attended the Saturday evening worship and had some pizza and fellowship. 
Wooddale Church with some fall colors

Sunday morning 11/25 I had the opportunity to speak with the student ministries, 5-9 graders, all total numbering over 200. I shared the stage with Kate, a Global Partner who is working with International Justice Mission, South Asia. Kate and I had met about 3 years ago -so it was fun to catch up with her and how God is using her.

Student Ministries 
After church on Sunday we had the opportunity to hear from Curt Rhodes,  who works with Questscope, regarding the crisis in Syria and how transformation in these communities can and is taking place.  Brilliant, resilient, creative, authentic, caring, and forward thinking - are words I'd use to describe Curt. What a privilege to have heard his perspective on this situation and gain a better understanding of the Syrian people. Really excited about the ways Wooddale is partnering with Curt and Questscope.

International food  
The food served at the meeting with Curt Rhodes was provided by the Wooddale kitchen as well as a Somali catering enterprise. 

 Next on the schedule, Lunch with the Wooddale Staff on Tuesday and the women's luncheon Wednesday11/28.

 Wooddale always does a stellar job of caring for their Global Partners, so grateful for the team that organizes it all! 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall in Minnesota

This week I got to spend some time with my family near Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.
(The town has a fishing bobber shaped water tower!) 

We enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather for October,
 and went for a bike ride to enjoy the fall colors which were at their peak. 
Here are a few pictures from the ride. 

Minnesota has a lot of bike trails - 
 We rode on the Paul Bunyan Bike Trail. 
At a 120 miles, this one is the longest in the state!
 But we only went for a short afternoon ride. 
(The trail is used for snowmobiling in the winter.)

The bike trails here are often wider than the streets in Japan!