Friday, March 23, 2007

Where is Home?

Where do you call home?

For some that is a tough question that requires defining the word "home".

For people who have always lived in the same place home may be easy to define. But for Third Culture Kids (TCK), home may be harder to define. It may be a place, or a group of people, or a feeling. I recently heard that the average TCK moves 8 times before they are 18. I only moved 3 times in my first 18 years, all within the US.

My current definition of home: the place where I unpack my suitcase

But I recently visited my hometown - the place were I lived from age 8 to 18.

Ortonville, Located in West central Minnesota on the South Dakota boarder

Population of 2,158 (according to the sign)
Where I lived with my family, which included 3 international students.

Home of Paul Bunyan's Granite Anchor

And Home of the Trojans

Where I walked up hill to and from school (no joke!).
Where I was one student in a class of 54 people.
Where I learned to ride a bike

and a year later fell off my bike and broke my jaw.
Where I often heard my mother say,

"Don't do anything you don't want the whole town to know about!"
Where I learned how to drive and "How to wave" to a passing car.

Where counting pheasants on the side of the road is a fun past time when driving to an out of town basketball game.

(Hunters:you can stop drooling now.)

And home to New Life Community Baptist Church.

The people that provided me with opportunities dig into the Bible and

to explore the world through youth group mission trips to Mexico and Brazil.
It was a fun twist to teach Sunday school at a church that I attended for 10 years,

in a room with many of my former Sunday school teachers!
Thank you taking the time to impact the life of a child!

I would love to have you join my support team!

Thank you for a great weekend!

Dr. Bob and Mary Ross were our hosts. They're pictured here with my sister Lisa, who joined me on this trip and let me to drive her Jeep for part of the journey.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Check Out My Ministry Video

I'm excited to have this on the web for you to view and share with others. Here is a link to my Japan and Third Culture Kid (TCK) ministry video. Check it out and learn about . . .

  • My vision for ministry in Japan
  • How I became interested in missions in Japan
  • Why I'm excited about this opportunity to invest in the lives of TCKs
  • Some of the challenges and benefits TCKs face
  • Suggestions for prayer

If that doesn't work try this video link: LoriHarms TCKJAPAN 2006

Depending on your type of connection to the Internet it will take a various amounts of time to download. Please be patient.

Also - I'd love hear your feedback on the video.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

You Dig

Tokyo has faced a mild winter.
This is the first year EVER
that Tokyo has received absolutely no snow on record.

St. Paul, Minnesota, on the other hand has - count them . . . 21 inches of snow (according to our scientific backyard measurement)
So for now, our daily excercise program has included snow shoveling!

I do not think it is a coincidence that the 2 weekends of the year, that I was scheduled to visit churches near St. Paul are the weekends we get dumped on.

Again - thank you for praying for safe travels.

Above is proof that the snow bank by our garage is as tall as I am.
But as we say in MN, "It could be worse!"
Here is a photo from upstate New York (Route 11)

Here are a couple views from our neighborhood . . .

a 7 foot snowman

And a beautiful snow angel.