Monday, November 30, 2009

Kansai Christian School Video

Awesome week, there has been a lot going on recently. (For those wondering YES, I did get turkey for Thanksgiving. Twice actually and even some eel at yet another gathering! Yummy Unagi!)

School related we had a opening ceremony celebration and school open house on Friday Nov. 27. which provided opportunity for people in the neighborhood to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the walls of that building. No, we are not a cult. No, we are not an E-kaiwa school. Yes, we are a school. Yes, we love Jesus.

The 1st-4th grade music class sang in the ceremony and the high school worship team led the music. We also heard reports from families, like the Blocksoms, who helped begin the school 40 years ago. During the open house students were able to share with the visitors how their life has been impacted by learning at a Christian school. Amazing time to say thank you to the people who made the move possible and a time for witnessing God's faithfulness and developing relationships.

Below is a video that our multi-talented, school chaplain, Michael Mason put together for the event. A fun, 4 minute look at the history and a glimpse of life in the new building in Heguri. You'll get to see my first and second grade class in various settings. Besides our class at library time, it seems he caught me singing and dancing to "Father Abraham" and "The Peanut Butter and Jelly song".

For readers out there in one of my partnering churches, if you have internet access in your church or missions team meeting this 4 minute video might be a visual way for you to share with the church team more about Kansai Christian School.

For readers out there who are looking for an English speaking international Christian school to send your kids to more information can be found at