Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Holy Moses!

Wow! Ok, let's all say it backwards! woW!
This is it!
Holy Moses! the musical will hit the stage on Friday at 6:30pm.

I have the privilege of directing 12 drama kings and queens in this amazing story which condenses the 120 year life of Moses into 45 minutes of singing, story telling and creative commercials. There are so many details that have come together over the last 4 months- video, lights, sets, props, costumes, students memorizing lines and practicing songs! So many people have worked hard to bring things to the point that we're at now.

Yet, there are 3 more days to push through to get the programs and tickets printed, finalize the stage and rehearse choreography. Inhale, Exhale, Inhale! Costumes that need touching up, and behind the scenes details that are accumulating. Please pray for the drama club as we press on.
Pray for the directors as we work through all the details and the kids as they put all that has been practiced into action. Pray that the lessons they're learning through this experience will used by God to draw them to Him.

Oh - yeah and I'm leading elementary chapel on Friday, too!
So thankful that God is in control and is the giver of all wisdom and strength!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


What do the following have in common?

  • A field of flax seed blossoms at night with a hazy moon

  • A 15 year old writing a letter seeking advice from her 30 year old self

  • A flower peddler having troubles sleeping after attending her first dance

They are each a topic within the songs we'll be singing Sunday

  • Oborozukiyo

  • Tegami - by Angela Aki

  • I Could Have Danced All Night - from My Fair Lady

I'll be in a concert/recital with the Flower Basket group at Nara Family Akishino Hall (5th floor?), in Saidaiji.

The event is free, starts at 11am and our group will sing close to 3pm. Our songs last about 10 minutes. If you're in the area and want to attend you may come and go as you need. Other vocal and instrumental performances will fill up the other 4 hours.

Two of the songs are in Japanese one is in English. For those of you faithful blog readers you may realize that two of the songs are the same ones we sang in our winter and fall concert. We changed the seasonal one (spring flower theme instead of Christmas).

This is teaching me about the high value that Japanese place on - "Gambaru" or "Gambatte" To press on and continue striving to reach your highest level at something. Perseverance might be similar in English but doesn't quite capture it.

When I was in choir in America we sang lots of new songs each quarter with something new at each concert. Here we practice the same 2 songs for 1 year. I've memorized them and now we're adding some syncopated clapping with one of the songs. I guess we'll find out tomorrow if I'm coordinated enough to clap, sing, and remember Japanese words all while smiling!

I'll be spending the day (10:30-8:30) with the ladies from the singing group. Please pray for clear communication as I dig back into my brain for conversational Japanese vocabulary. (I mainly use English at school). Pray also for deepening of our relationships as we celebrate the end of our year. 2 of the 8 group members are Christian. Pray that our lights will shine so that God will get the glory.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Prayer Items

*Pray for the 4th quarter of Kansai Christian School, there are many events and activities. Its also a time when new families apply for next school year. Ask Him to provide new families to continue to grow the school. Pray that God would help the students to grow in knowledge and in spirit. You can pray specifically for my first and second grade students.

*Pray for the April 23 Drama Production. Elementary and Middle School students will perform a musical called "Holy Moses!" High schoolers will be presenting "Aesop's Fables". I'm directing "Holy Moses!" and I've never done this before so would appreciate your prayers for energy and wisdom. Praise God for the many Drama club moms who have been busy at work behind the scenes!

*I'll be going to USA for 2 months this summer to reconnect with ministry partners, friends and family. Pray for the planning and prepaparation that need to happen for this to go smoothly.

*Pray for Japan - a place of spiritual need yet material wealth. Pray for hunger for the Truth to grow in the hearts of Japanese people. Pray for more missionaries to answer the call to serve among one of the largest unreached people group in the world, where less than 1% of the 130 million people are Christian. Pray for the encouragement and bold witness of the Japanese Christians.
*Photos were taken last year April around Nara near a Shinto Shrine during Cherry blossom season.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

reDiscovering Dirt (part 2)

I wasn't the only one digging in the dirt last weekend.

Cookie was excited to explore the dirt under the shed and dug more than one
hole in the rock garden. When I attempted to tie him up and keep him were I could see him. He proceeded sit down on the newly planted rose bush. (Could he not feel the thorns?)

I decided that the appropriate punishment for him would be to get a bath. Which he hates.
And given what he looks like as a soggy doggy I can see why.

The highlight of the day came though, when the neighbors brought out their dog (a 4 month old dauchshund) to greet Cookie. Seemed like the dogs aren't quite sure if they want to be friends yet.

Monday, April 12, 2010

reDiscovering Dirt

I've been inside so much of the winter hoping the weather would warm-up on a weekend and not include rain - that when I found myself with a Sunny Sunday over spring break and no school on Monday - I made a detour on the way home from church. I found myself loading up a cart of plants in my Easter outfit and couldn't wait to dig in the dirt. Some of the flowers I grabbed were familiar, other's just looked good and I had no idea the name of them. The photo above is of the tulip in my backyard that was blooming last week.

^Plants I purchased

^One pot I planted - little "chocolate chip" plants are the purple colored. Ivy in front, and Calla Lily will soon be popping up in back.

^Another pot that was completed. Love the yellow blossoms in this one. ^Lupine, Chocolate Cosmos and a rose were planted in the dirt along with a few others that I'm hoping will bloom soon so I can identify them.

^ I have one clematis already and added this new variety to my backyard.

Sunny days are so tempting to get out and dig in the dirt - I'm hoping this gardening hobby will be helpful as I try to add more "unplugged" moments to my life. (Its' already adding more interaction with the neighbors).

I spent the weekend after Easter trimming a rosemary bush, sage plant and lavender bush. I came in smelling like I'd taken a herbal bath.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Cups & Egg plants

All who came to church Easter Sunday left with an Easter Basket, or more accurately, an Easter Cup.
^Beautifully wrapped, topped with a boiled egg
^Inside each paper cup was an assortment of Japanese candies, chocolates, nuts and jellies.
^If you found a "seal" or sticker on the bottom of your Easter cup you were also the winner of one of the plants in an egg shaped container. I didn't win one but my 6 year old friend, Megu, did.

Happy Easter

The church I attend, Saidaiji Baptist, had a joint Easter service with Ikoma Baptist. It was a beautiful sunny day filled with smiley faces rejoicing in Jesus resurrection. After the service we had a potluck dinner and I enjoyed sitting next to Eri, a Japanese lady about my age. She shared how God has been working in her life and what led to her baptism 2 years ago.

^ Ikoma women's choir
^ The potluck table

^Bread and dessert end of the table

^Kid's table

^The chairs used for worship time were rearranged around tables in the same room for the potluck.