Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Things have been busy, the uploading of photos and blogs are not working, and I don't have much time online these days so I thought I'd do an overview using -ing for you.
  • Gathering documents from various offices and people across the ocean.
  • Applying - For a 3 year extension on my visa - "Religious Activities" is my status.
  • Shocking - that in November 3 years will have passed since I arrived!
  • Thinking how wonderful it was to go to an immigration office today and not have any hassles and not need to wait in line! Shout out to the Nara Immigration office!
  • Waiting for the paperwork to be processed
  • Singing - Pharoh, Pharoh- in Bible class and Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang with my Japanese women's chorus group
  • Listening to Haydn and Mozart as I teach lessons on Classical Music to elementary students
  • Finishing a series on Dr. Suess enjoying Kathleen Krulls biography of the man formerly known as Ted Geisel
  • Downloading podcasts from Andy Stanley about Character and leadership
  • Leading - a Bible study about worship with the KCS worship team -
  • Reading Wired for a Life of Worship by Louie Giglio and the Psalms
  • Blowing my mind - how deep conversation with high schoolers and middle schoolers is in contrast to 1st and 2nd graders.
  • Loving the student's honest questions and verbal interaction in the Bible study
  • Wishing we had 2 hour lunch period to extend the conversation
  • Traveling on an all school field trip Friday to Heijyo Palace
  • Digging up artifacts will be the task as well as history lessons
  • Celebrating the 1300 anniversary of Nara as the Capital of Japan
  • Hoping for a great turnout and response to the Osaka Franklin Graham Festival this weekend
  • Praising God for the safe delivery of my friend's baby - who was born at home (in USA) minutes before the EMS crew arrived.
  • Anticipating - the coming autumn with the leaves starting to change colors on trees like Dogwoods.
  • Needing to correct a stack of homework

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rice Harvest

The weather is getting cooler.
The rice fields are yellow,
ripe for the harvest.
I have been anxiously awaiting today,
when I looked outside and saw the farmers in the field.
I've told others - how anxious I am to see the harvest.
I actually told my students to go to the windows to look outside.

While we were there - another teacher knocked on my door, "I know you wanted to see the harvest -I didn't want you to miss it."
When she saw all my students standing at the windows she just smiled - agreeing that this is something not to be missed.

We were all about as distracted as we are on days when we rush to the windows to see the first snow fall of the season.

I was excited I had playground duty today and later decided to have, science class outside this afternoon.

I took video and photos of the harvesting - I'll show you more once I upload them. The photo above is the field behind my house last year during the harvest.
Here and here are videos of planting rice near school.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Keeping it Real

Following the post about cute and healthy Japanese food I thought you should also be aware that It isn't always like the pictures. Today someone came to school with a sandwich from a convenience store.

Interacting with the student about the lunch I learned the sandwich was a . . .

"Sugar and Margarine" sandwich.

It was joined by a "Cafe Au lait" drink.

Monday, October 4, 2010

What's for lunch?


In Japan many mothers send their children to school with a boxed lunch or obento. (google "obento" to learn more.) Here are a little peek into the lunches I see in my classroom.

Some mom's cut bunny ears out of apple slices, or other fun vegetables.
Grocery stores sell Hello Kitty shaped cheeses and cartoon character shaped chicken nuggets among many other "cute" things. Lunch time is just as much a treat for the eyes as the taste buds around here.