Sunday, May 29, 2011

The wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish

When I asked my students what they were looking forward to most about the KCS camp out
 on Awaji Island there were 3 types of answers. 

1. the bus ride. 
2. sleeping in the same room as classmates
3. collecting shells on the beach 

^ The rented bus fit all 55 of our passengers (including stuffed animals). 

^ Driving on Akashi Kaikyu bridge was interesting and thankfully drama free.

^ Here is another view of the bridge from the rest stop.

^ And here I am at the rest area smiling for the camera in the drizzling rain, while my students were puddle hopping behind the camera.

Saturday: all of the activities took place indoor as it was raining outside.  We arrived, ate lunch, settled into our rooms, played games (indoor), had all camp introductions/ flag lowering ceremony, ate dinner, took a bath/ofuro, had a time of worship and bible study, played more games (indoor), and then slept.  In my room the 1st and 2nd grade girls were super sweet and actually very quiet. 


Sunday  started with flag raising ceremony (indoor), breakfast, clean-up and check out of rooms.
Originally scheduled activities and worship time were canceled due to the weather, phone calls were made to all parents telling them we'll be arriving home 4 hours early. (Thank God for cell phones!)
 Loaded the bus and rode back home, enjoying Toy Story 3 movie along the way. The Typhoon was approaching more quickly than expected and the decision was made to leave the island before the bridge could be closed.  We made it home safely.

^ Students were not able to collect shells on the beach but 2 out of their 3 expectations were met. Not bad.  

Please pray for northeastern Japan, where relief efforts are on going, as they are predicted to get heavy rains and are under flash flood warnings.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Month in Review

Blogging has not been a priority this month. This month I haven't kept up with the daily photo project and yet have probably taken more photos in May than I did  January to April!

^Blessed by a visit from my sister, giving me reason to do some exploring.

^ Rejoiced in the warmer weather enticing me to spend more time outside.

^Dug out my jogging shoes, trying to stay motivated to get into shape.

^Weeded the soil, which is now calling for flowers, herbs and vegetables to take root.

Received some new books, providing thought provoking material. (Currently reading this and adoring this.)

^Spent some time with friends and (host) family waking up my Japanese language skills.

^ Hosted Missionary Fellowship celebrating the faithful of ministry of Doug and Sharon Woyke, North American Baptist Missionaries who are retiring after 42 years of service in Japan.

^Zipped through the school year (only 3 weeks left!) causing me to step back and cherish the big and small moments with students.

^Rediscovered my crochet needles finding joy in evenings crafting new projects.

All-School Camp Out!

This weekend is the all-school camp out. That's right! Grades one through twelve, all the teachers plus a few brave parents are traveling 3 hours west by bus to Awaji Island. We'll be staying at a government run "camp" with dorm-room-like accommodations, cafeteria food and be near a beach.  We are also facing typhoon warnings which will make crossing the world's longest suspension bridges the Akashi-Kaikyō Bridge a bit of an adventure.  The rains have already begun. We're praying that despite the weather students will have joyful attitudes.  Camp in the past has been a time of spiritual growth with many opportunities heart to heart conversations and relationship building taking place.  
  Please pray for the weather, safety, energy for the teachers, spirit of obedience for the students, relationships to grow and for the holy spirit to awaken hearts to the spiritual opportunities. 

Check 2009 here, and 2010 here and here for past school camping stories. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Glimpses: Golden Week

This week I've been enjoying Golden Week. 
A time when 3 Japanese holidays fall in the same week.
A week off of school has given me the opportunity to spend time
 with my twin sister who has come to visit.

We've been so busy exploring I haven't had much time to update the blog. 
But I have been taking tons of photos so someday I'll get back into the blogging groove posting about  the golden adventures we're having.  

In the meantime here are two photos:
Above is a photo of when Lisa visited Kansai Christian School.
Below we're in Kyoto at Kiyomizudera.