Monday, December 31, 2012

Fix Your Eyes

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I've enjoyed celebrating the holidays in the states without the use of skype. So many little spontaneous moments with family and friends to treasure.  But I find no matter where I am, I'm homesick for the other place.  After 5 Christmas holidays in Japan I found myself missing some of those traditions, too. Such is the paradox of working cross-culturally.

Now I am finishing up my last good-byes with friends in Minnesota and focusing on packing preparations to return to Japan Jan. 2. (2 more days!)   The good-byes are emotionally exhausting but I'm anticipating, with joy, the reunions in Japan with friends, coworkers, students, neighbors and brothers & sisters in Christ.  And looking forward to the activities and adventures in this new year.

Home assignment has been a refreshing time for me. Lots of time to dig into the Word and reflect on how God has been at work over the last few years of my life - even if I couldn't see it clearly at the time. How often we fix our eyes on what is seen and we miss the opportunity to see the unseen, eternal work that God is doing amongst us.

Today when I visited the Coffee girl confessions blog sponsored by "Women of the Harvest"  I found one of my photos as the Picture praise photo of the week!  Check it out here.  WOTH is a ministry of support and encouragement for women serving cross-culturally. WOTH has a list of blogs of women serving cross-culturally so if you find yourself with some free time over the holidays - I encourage you to travel the world by reading a few from the blog list.  As for me, I'm going to get back to sorting, packing and cleaning.

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