Thursday, January 10, 2013

Settling in

So much has happened in 6 days since returning to Japan.

Settling in . . .
Unpacked my bags.
tried to re stock the refrigerator.
Asked the post office for mail delivery to resume.
Adjusted (somewhat) to "warm" temperatures outside and "cool" ones inside.
Planted some flowers. (Yes, in January!)
Greeted my neighbors.
Fought jet lag by visiting with friends in the evenings in person and by Skype.
Took advantage of jet lag with 5 am baking sessions.
Worshipped with Japanese friends at the new Keihana church building ( more on that later).
Visited my new language school (material for another post).
Survived the placement Test.
Remembered to sort the plastic from burnable garbage.
Drove on the left side of the road without accident.
And visited the doctor.

Yep, the day I was to start language school I ended up visiting a local hospital/ clinic and was diagnosed with influenza A. Thankfully it was diagnosed within 24 hours of symptoms showing up and the medication is working well. It seems to be a mild form of the flu and I'm seeing improvement by day 2 of the illness but am still contagious so will be staying away from people. The hardest part of the illness is longing to be reunited with friends and students after months apart but needing to postpone visits. I didn't realize I was such a people person until they said I couldn't interact with people for 5 days.   I'm trying to make the best of it with lots of rest, some reading and learning to wait on God's timing.

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