Friday, January 4, 2013


Tadaima or ただいま
Roughly translated from Japanese means - "I am home."

May be a bit weird to leave home and then after 3 plane rides totaling 23 hours say I'm home and be halfway around the world.

But I left home (Jan. 2 at 5:40pm (Central time) and returned to my other home (Jan. 4 at 6pm Japan time).
Working with the Delta Agents to iron out the complexity of my ticket and luggage.
at one point I even got invited behind the counter  - great service!

I safely arrived with all my luggage in Japan about 1pm.
Had a great welcome from the Masons - who also did a great job of keeping awake with a birthday celebration for Chris, and some grocery shopping for me, before I settled into my home.
I'm also thankful that the internet is up and running so I can let all ya'all out there know that I've arrived.

Flight arriving in Osaka, Japan
Thank you for your prayers!

*Keep praying for my adjustment to the time zone, culture and language.
*Pray for remaining details of language study to come together smoothly.
(I'm anticipating an entrance test in my near future.)
*Pray for relationships as I reconnect with friends, students, and neighbors.

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