Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Checking In

Yep, I'm still here.
 I'm still in language school. Thank you for those who have been praying for me! 
God is teaching me much spiritually during this time of linguistic learning.  Perhaps someday I'll be able to into words the stretching process taking place in my heart. 

For now - Words - Japanese Words - are what I'm focusing on. I've just begun a set of 9 final tests to end this semester at language school.  Our last test is March 21. March 21 is our closing ceremony.

I'm also doing some of the "not so glamorous" tasks related to my job.
* Japanese Taxes
* US Taxes
* Expense Reports
* Mailing list reconstruction

I'm glad there are some fun things in the mix like: 
*School field trip: to a Ninja museum and historic Japanese town
*Meeting new friends: 2 Japanese women introduced themselves to me this week
*Missionary Fellowship: Prayer & Praise
*Celebrating my niece's birthday via Skype
*Girl's Night: Making Pizza, talking of media, music & movies then introducing the girls to "I love Lucy!"

I'm enrolling in the next semester of language school which starts April 9. 

PS. March Madness in Japan : translates into the Spring Sumo tournament - which happens to take place in Osaka just a few blocks from where I attend language school. (March 10-24) So far I've spotted 2 Sumo wrestlers outside the arena.  (They're easy to spot. What to look for: LARGE Japanese men wearing a kimono.)   I wonder how to say, "May I have your autograph?" in Japanese.

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