Tuesday, June 11, 2013

From Whaling to Final tests

You might be in Japanese language school if the topic for classroom debate is whether or not whaling should be allowed. 「クジラと日本人」

Actually my current debate topic (chosen by the teacher not me) I'm presenting the case (with a partner)  that in the information age  it is not necessary to go to school to learn. The teacher is not needed.  (This is assuming we're talking of people who have passed the minimum age for school requirement in that country.)  In Japanese: ”場報化社会では学校、先生を必要ない。自分で勉強すればいい” Especially challenging given that I'm a teacher by profession and that the people we are trying to persuade are currently in a school paying money to learn from a teacher. 

I have one more week of Japanese language school at my current school.
We are in the midst of semester finals. The schedule looks like this.

(Thurs) 6 - Conversation test (update: went very well! had a great conversation partner!)
(Tues) 11 - Listening test
(Wed) 12 - Class oral debates (update: our team won our debate 5 to 3! )
(Thur) 13 - Pronunciation test (reciting a poem), reading test, essay writing test
(Fri) 14 - Cumulative test on Grammar and Vocabulary
(Mon) 17 - Kanji test (Japanese writing system)
(Tues) 18 Speech presentation
(Wed) 19 closing ceremony and receiving report cards and more good-byes

Kansai Christian School is also finishing the school year
Last night (10) I attended a farewell party for 3 teachers who will be returning to their passport countries this summer.  Tomorrow (12) I'm going to sneak into the elementary class parties and have a meeting about teaching summer school.  Friday (14) morning is the Spring Program & Graduation ceremony.  (and lots of good-byes!)

Prayers are appreciated.  I'm so thankful for all of the things I'm learning - some through textbooks, some as a student on the receiving end of various teaching styles, and a lot about character - specifically how God works in the midst of challenges and humbling circumstances.  oh - and I really miss my students and the KCS community - love getting to visit every now and then.

Looking ahead to Summer . . .
July 1-11 Teaching Summer School at KCS
July 14- Aug 9 Japanese Language school in Hokkaido (different language school, different Japanese island, emphasis will be on using Japanese vocabulary in Christian context)
Aug ? Time with host family, friends, and preparation for the move to teach middle school
Sept. 4 KCS Teacher Orientation
Sept. 5 KCS starts

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