Monday, September 2, 2013

New Adventures in Teaching

New adventures this year, teaching five new subjects, at a new grade level, with new extra curricular activities, and new leadership responsibilities. We have some new staff members at school and I have a new housemate! My life is crowded with expected and unexpected joys!

This year I'm teaching middle school grades 5-8.  
7&8 : Bible, World Cultures, Pre-Alebra & Math
5&6: Reading, 5 grade Math and 6 grade Math

New extra curricular activities: managing the Library, and responsible for garbage and recycling. (no custodian at our school students do the cleaning) Yeah, just call me the "Garbage Queen."

Our new principal's arrival to Japan has been delayed due to paperwork issues for his visa, we're praying that he'll have the papers and financial support needed to arrive in early October. In the meantime the school board has asked me to take on some new leadership responsibilities at school.  This means leading things like staff orientation, meeting with parents, and handling school discipline issues. Thankfully I have the support of the school board behind me to help with other challenging decisions and an executive assistant with many years experience in administration to help me.

Today was New Teacher Orientation - I led 3 new teachers through a checklist of information to help them transition to KCS. I am excited for the quality staff members he has brought to our team. These 3 teachers have taught on 3 different continents and are now adding a new continent to their list! 

Wednesday is All Staff Orientation where we get our class lists, schedules and have our whole KCS staff team (minus the principal) together in one room for the first time. I anticipate lots of learning to take place and lots of fun conversations ahead. 

Thursday is family school clean-up day.  Fun reunions with students and their parents anticipated as we work together to prepare the school for a new year.

Friday is our first day of school with all the students. We'll start with a "Welcome to School" and then introduce the students to their new teachers, classrooms and textbooks.  

Thank you for praying for the year to get off to a great start!

Praise God with me . . .
*for the staff that is on the team this year.
*for the students that have enrolled this year.
*for a new year to serve God teaching from a Christian worldview in a country with less than 1% Christian.

Please Pray 
*for relationship building and team unity
*for teachers in new roles to quickly grasp their curriculum and responsibilities
*for me as the "Lead Teacher" to have wisdom to know how to lead well, organization to keep track of all the details, and grace to balance all the new things going on the next few weeks.
*for the relationship with my housemate, Emily, to continue to grow (She moved in Saturday. She's lived in Romania but she's from Minnesota too!) 
*that I would allow God to build into me and stretch me during this time. . . that it will shape me and refine me as an educator, and deepen my relationship with Him. 

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