Sunday, January 25, 2015

Whoosh! - Update on Winter 2014-15

School is half way done.
The schedule is filled.
The pace is swift.
Rest is treasured.
Life is challenging.
God is Good.

How are we already to the end of January 2015!  The winter is zooming by and I'm looking forward to spring blooms and not needing to use a heater!  For now, here is a look back at the last 3 months.

Kobe Port Area

  • November
    • Ended 1st Quarter at School 
    • Explored Kobe on Fall field trips - Maritime museum, Kawasaki Good times Museum and Kobe Tower (More info here.)
    • Visited with parents at Parent Teacher Conferences
    • Chaperoned and supervised our Girl's Basketball team for a game in Kobe 
    • Celebrated Thanksgiving three times 
    • Coached my middle schoolers to use their talents to lead chapel for 1-6 graders.
Japan Fall Field Council: Mehns, Ellisons, Harms, Fischer and Smith
    • Traveled to Tokyo for Japan Fall Field Council - 
      • met Ian, our newest Career mission in Japan you can follow his blog here. 
      • praised God for teammates' current ministries 
      • prayed about future ministry plans
      • took care of mission business
      Yurigaoka Baptist Church
    • Attended church at Yurigaoka Baptist - where I was a short-termer worker
    • Reveled in the joy of spending a relaxing afternoon with my Japanese host family and their 7 grandkids in Tokyo area!
    • Learned, networked, and was inspired at the International Christian Educators Conference in Seoul, South Korea.
    Enjoying new foods with Lisa in South Korea

      International Educator's Conference in Deajon, South Korea
    • Reunited with my friend Mihwa and met her growing family in South Korea
Me with Mihwa, and her adorable daughters
  • December
    • Hosted missionary fellowship with my roommate
    • Celebrated Christmas at School and with an outreach to a nursing home
    • Traveled to Minnesota, USA
    • Christmas silliness with my sisters, and my mom 
      • signed papers to put a house I own with my sister on the market to sell
      • celebrated Christmas with my parents, sisters and their families
      • visited with college roommates who are now living in MN and Saudi Arabia
      • helped my twin sister, Lisa, with projects the week before her wedding.

Lisa & Mike on their way to go ice fishing before the wedding.
  • January
    • Still in Minnesota
      • CELEBRATED in Lisa's marriage to Mike Dwyer. (So thrilled for them!)
      • Delighted in gathering with family and friends at the wedding
      • Enjoyed a visit to Bethany Baptist Church (my home church)
      • Hugged my grandma who is in hospice care 
      • Left Minnesota for a crazy travel tale of canceled, delayed, and rescheduled flights and lost luggage. 
    • Back in Japan
      • Returned to a pile of paperwork at school - and awesome coworkers 

      out to eat with co-workers - taking a break from grading papers
      • Hosted a farewell party for 2 students who are leaving
      • Blessed by a visit from Lisa, a friend who teaches in Okinawa, Japan
      • Saw the Emperor and Empress of Japan at Kobe Airport (Crazy- amazing story!)
      In the audience of the Emperor and Empress of Japan 
      • Created Japanese art work with students for Social Studies Asia unit. 
      • Gave Semester Final Tests

      • Drove the basketball team to Nagoya (3 hours away) for a 2 day Girl's Basketball tournament (I'm the bus driver and sports coordinator.) 

      • Finished 2nd quarter and 1st Semester of school

It may seem
 with this long list of events
 combined with teaching my students 
a life of a busy bee.  

You may not see
with this long list of events
that through it all 
God is sustaining each day
 with his grace resources, 
his wisdom supply, 
his abundant love. 
Growing my desire to do less,
and be with him more.