Monday, July 20, 2015

Umi No Hi - Sea Day

 On July 20, we celebrated the Japanese holiday, 海の日 (Umi No Hi)
or Sea Day, by going to the beach. We went to Suma Beach which is in Hyogo Prefecture near Kobe. I traveled with some friends from Kansai Christian School from Nara through Osaka to Kobe and then Suma Beach. For those of you who want to see a map of where it was here's a google map link.

The view from the train on the way to Kobe. You can see the skyscrapers of Osaka and the mountains of Hyogo Prefecture in the distance. (Osaka's population is about 2.7 million, Kobe about 1.5 million)  The train ride took about 1 hour 30 minutes and cost 1080 yen ($8.75). Some of my friends came by car and reported that it took about 3 hours due to holiday traffic on the toll roads.

This is the view from Suma Station (power lines and all!). I've been to this station multiple times but have never come out this exit. The exit that goes up the hill and away from the beach leads to Marist Brothers International School, where I've traveled for basketball and futsal games. 

The beach was crowded but we did see some open areas - and even a few palm trees.

Awaji Island on the left, Kobe on the right (Hyogo Prefecture).
 Akashi-Kaikyu Bridge - This bridge is the world's longest suspension bridge. 
( Thank you to Japan Studies for the Trivia fact!
See all the fun facts teachers learn when you attempt to lead a class about the local area! )

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