Monday, October 26, 2015

Worldwide Week

Wooddale Worldwide Week! Looking forward to interacting with Wooddale and the many other Global Partners at this celebration of what God is doing globally! Saturday Wooddale hosted a breakfast and prayer time for all the Global Partners and the international and national missions ministries team. So stimulating to hear about how God has called us all to love him and serve others around the world in so many unique and excited ways.  Saturday afternoon there was a training session on stress management for the Global Partners. In the evening we attended the Saturday evening worship and had some pizza and fellowship. 
Wooddale Church with some fall colors

Sunday morning 11/25 I had the opportunity to speak with the student ministries, 5-9 graders, all total numbering over 200. I shared the stage with Kate, a Global Partner who is working with International Justice Mission, South Asia. Kate and I had met about 3 years ago -so it was fun to catch up with her and how God is using her.

Student Ministries 
After church on Sunday we had the opportunity to hear from Curt Rhodes,  who works with Questscope, regarding the crisis in Syria and how transformation in these communities can and is taking place.  Brilliant, resilient, creative, authentic, caring, and forward thinking - are words I'd use to describe Curt. What a privilege to have heard his perspective on this situation and gain a better understanding of the Syrian people. Really excited about the ways Wooddale is partnering with Curt and Questscope.

International food  
The food served at the meeting with Curt Rhodes was provided by the Wooddale kitchen as well as a Somali catering enterprise. 

 Next on the schedule, Lunch with the Wooddale Staff on Tuesday and the women's luncheon Wednesday11/28.

 Wooddale always does a stellar job of caring for their Global Partners, so grateful for the team that organizes it all! 

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