Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ministry Update - October

Lessons I'm learning : 
1. Life in the states does not guarantee Internet access. But here I am posting a new blog post - with gratitude for the public library's free wifi. 
2. In Colorado the changing colors on the trees last longer than in Japan and the snow comes earlier.  And if you don't like the weather - wait 15 minutes.

Ministry Update:
August 15-December 15 I am interning at Mission Training International near Colorado Springs, CO.  I'm working with missionary families, and specifically missionary kids during their orientation and debriefing  process. MTI works together with mission boards, churches, and sending organizations to equip and develop cross-cultural messengers of the gospel through training and debriefing. During my internship I get to see how God works through trainers as they adapt cross-cultural learning for all age levels.  I'm learning more about how each individual family member's experience creates a family story and impacts the ministry. And how cross-cultural living impacts each family member in unique ways.  The internship has been a great fit and I'm excited to see how God uses this learning for my future. 

Prayer & Praises
1.Pray for a mold-able spirit as I enter a steep learning curve in my MTI Internship - learning how to prepare kids for the mission field and guiding them through transition during home assignment and relocation. 
2. Pray for the Debriefing and Renewal Team Nov. 6-11, and Dec. 4-9.  For connections among the staff, adults, and children, for a safe place to share their story and journey with God. 
3. Praise for my housing situation. Pray that I would be a blessing to my housemate. She is an energetic elderly Christian woman and is such a blessing to me.
4. Pray for wisdom to discern God's vision for future ministry steps as the internship finishes in December.