About Me

Hi, I'm Lori.  A person who is trying to follow Jesus by loving God with my heart, mind and soul, and learning to love my neighbor as myself.

I'm currently living in Colorado, USA, where I am ministering to Missionary Kids  (MKs) and missionary families through the work of Mission Training International

 I  lived in Nara, Japan, where was involved in educational ministry at Kansai Christian School. Working in a small school gave me the opportunity to wear many hats: an elementary teacher (1-2 grade), middle school teacher (5 - 8 grade), sports coordinator (basketball, futsal, ultimate frisbee, volleyball), and mentor teacher.  But also meant I got to spend lots of time with my students developing relationships where we could learn and grow together. 

While in Japan I was a part of Converge Worldwide, a movement of churches working together to strengthen and start more churches.  My master's degree was in Intercultural Studies and I had opportunity to study the Japanese language when in Japan. Learning is a never ending adventure! 

I enjoy making lists, exploring new places, playing volleyball, baking new recipes, chatting with friends over coffee, and witnessing youth growing closer to Jesus. I'm passionate about Third Culture Kids and seeing the Kingdom of God expand around the globe. It is my prayer that this generation of mobile youth would embrace Christ and their unique upbringing to expand God's kingdom in this increasingly multicultural world.